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Work & Travel WebQuest


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Desktop technologies

This WebQuest should take two, 90-minute class periods to complete with the the form for a Student Visa being assigned as homework after the second class meeting.
Student Grouping
As much as possible, Ss should be grouped in such a way that there is a mixture of computer ability levels.  For instance, 3 Ss who are all IT majors should NOT be placed in the same group.  If there is a S with a high skill level related to computers, he/she should be the only one like that in the group.  Additionally, Ss with advanced computer skills should be specifically encouraged to assist those Ss whose skills are not as advanced.
Pre-WebQuest Activities     
1. Students will be required to send an e-mail message to the teachers  with an attachment written in Word summarizing a magazine article assigned by the teacher.                      v
2.  Students will be given a list of 5 different internet search engines to look at and review on the basis of ease of use, layout of the search and results pages,  and relevance of search results                                                               
3.  Students will have been practicing the skill of summarizing articles and should have a good understanding of how to write a summary before this WebQuest is assigned. 
Lesson Plan
1.  Ss will be grouped in 3's with special attention given to the computer skill level of each member of the group so that Ss with more advanced computer skills are grouped with Ss possessing less advanced computer skills.
2.  Ss will choose their roles (Travel Agent, Visa Officer, Real Estate Agent) and set about investigating the following two work & travel sites:
3.  After they have investigated the above two sites, Ss will use a Web Search Engine to find another work & travel site and fulfill their individual roles.
4.  After investigating each work & travel program according to the various roles, Ss will discuss all three and decide on one program that appealed to them the most.  Ss will have to work together and look at the pros and cons of each program to decide on the best one to write the letter of inquiry to.
5.  Collectively, Ss will write a letter of inquiry to this work & travel program requesting additional information and using the following site as a guide for their letter:
6.  Ss should review the above site related to inquiry letters and take the following quiz:
7.  After the letter has been written, Ss will send it to the T, via e-mail, as an attachment.
8.  The T will then upload the letters to the school intranet where Ss will be required to critique two other groups' letters of inquiry.  These comments will be made by opening the letter and making a list of comments at the bottom with at least 3 things the group did well and 3 things the group could improve when writing a letter of inquiry.

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