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Work & Travel WebQuest


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By visiting a number of work and travel program sites, students, working in groups of three, will decide which program they deem best and write a formal letter of inquiry to the program requesting more information.  They will also complete and turn in a U.S. student visa application form.

This WebQuest is designed for a class of 15, native Polish
speakers in a private business university.  Their level of language ability is Upper-Intermediate to Advanced.  They have advanced skills in web browsing, e-mail, PPT, and web design.  Students have been working on writing formal business letters of inquiry and are familiar with both their content and layout. 
Students will work in groups of three to critique various work and travel programs available on the net, decide which one they deem best and write a letter to the organization they choose requesting more information about their particular program.

Content--Students will demonstrate an understanding of different work and travel programs in the U.S. and what information is necessary to obtain a U.S. student visa.
Computer--Students will demonstrate their command of web search engines and their ability to write e-mails with attachments.
Language--Students will demonstrate their ability to read and comprehend in English, their ability to discuss and negotiate in groups and their ability to use formal, polite language using modal structures .
Cultural--Students will better understand the job market in America and the types of jobs availabe for people not yet graduated from university.


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