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Work & Travel WebQuest


Overview | Introduction | Task | Process | Process 2 | Evaluation | Conclusion | Credits and References

Do you have dreams of going to America and traveling the
country while at the same time earning
to take back home with you, but also using some
of that money to finance your journey as you set out to see the sites of America?
In groups of three you will fulfill the following roles while visiting various work and travel sites:
Visa Officer:  responsible for finding information related to U.S. student visas
Travel Agent:  responsible for finding information related to travel TO the U.S. and WHILE in the U.S.
Real Estate Agent: responsible for finding information related to accommodation in the U.S.   

While playing your role, you will visit a number of different work and travel program sites and collect the information necessary for your role.  After each person has fulfilled their role and collected the information, you will discuss and negotiate the best program.

Aftet you have reached an agreement, you will write a formal letter of inquiry requesting more information about the program your group has agreed on.  In addition, you will each fill out an application form for a U.S. Student Visa.


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