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Work & Travel WebQuest


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Process 2

Computer users as orchestra

5 computers (one for each group of 3 Ss)
Each computer should have MS Word, Internet Explorer (or similar-type web browser program).
Each S needs to have their own e-mail address
The following web sites will be used:  (work & travel site)   (work & travel site)
Internet Search Engines (these or other ones of your choice)
Human Resource
This WebQuest should be no trouble for one teacher to carry out alone.  Some points that the T may want to pay special attention to:
Is each group member fulfilling the role of Web Guide?
Is there informed discussion and debate going on within the group to chose an appropriate work & travel program?
After Ss have sent their inquiry letters to the T, the T will upload them to the school's intranet.  Other members of the class will then be required to critique 2 other groups' letters by adding comments to the bottom of the letter in MS Word.
After Ss have selected their work & travel programs and written their inquiry letters, the entire class will have a short discussion/summary/debate on which program they chose and why.

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