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Work & Travel WebQuest


Overview | Introduction | Task | Process | Process 2 | Evaluation | Conclusion | Credits and References

Victorious businessman crossing the finish line

By the end of this WebQuest, you should have extensive knowledge on 3 work & travel programs in the U.S., know how to write a letter of inquiry, and how to appropriately fill in an application form for a U.S. Student Visa.

As a student, would you recommend a work & travel program to your friends, why/why not?

What are some advantages/disadvantages to going abroad for a summer and working?

Do you think students should have to pay for a part of their college expenses or do you think it is the responsibility of the parents?  Why?

As a follow-up, look for a student exchange program in an English-speaking country and write them a letter of inquiry to find out more about their program.




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