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Work & Travel WebQuest


Overview | Introduction | Task | Process | Process 2 | Evaluation | Conclusion | Credits and References

Below is an overview of the roles you and your partners will be fulfilling during this WebQuest.

Web Guide--This is a role that is to be shared systematically between all of the team members.  It is necessary that everyone in the group have a chance to navigate on all the different work & travel sites.  You will take turns being Web Guide.  The duties of the Web Guide are to control the mouse and the keyboard while the others in the group help direct you to the links they want to explore.
Visa Officer--As Visa Officer you are responsible for: finding out what infomation is necessary for a Student Visa to the U.S.  You need to consider:  deadlines for turning in applications, cost, if and where you can apply in your home country, and what additional paperwork, if any, is necessary for your group to get a Student Visa.
Travel Agent--As the Travel Agent, you are responsible for: investigating how you will travel to the U.S. and how much the ticket will cost, if you are responsible for buying the ticket, how you will travel once in the U.S., and what means of transport you will use on your travel journey after your work has finished (i.e. rent a car, buy a car, travel by bus, etc.).
Real Estate Agent--as Real Estate Agent you are responsible for:  gathering information about where you will stay while in the U.S., how is accomodation paid for (do they deduct money from your paycheck monthly, is it free, do you pay a portion and the employer pays a portion), what kind of place will you be staying in (is it an apartment, dormitory, or house), will each person have their own room, does it have a furnished kitchen, are there washers and dryers available there or somewhere close, etc.

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